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Wildlife Garden

June 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Wildlife Garden

We have been renting for the last few years and having just moved jobs, we have finally bought our own house. Its taken a while finding the right house that fits our check list, like open views, in the countryside, garden and possibly a garden with stream at the end. Well we got everything except to stream at the end of the garden. The garden as you can see was a blank canvas to start from.

Yes those are empty bird feeders but they were straight out of the removal lorry. We had started planning the garden before we even had the offer accepted, although there was only a day between seeing the house and putting the offer in and it being accepted. It was then the pacing the floor began before we could move in and start. The plans have not changed much from the first draft.

We have now marked out the garden. Green garden string against green grass does not show up well in the photo, so excuse the photoshopping. The first thing we had decided was that we wanted a pond, this might replace the fact of not having a stream at the bottom of the garden with otters swimming in it. Not that I am envious of these wildlife photographers and presenters who can wonder down their garden and see otters.

The other main area was a veg and fruit plot that we could grow apples and other fruit and veg. No not quite the "Good Life" of being totally self sufficient. But a chance to have some fresh fruit and veg. The flower bed will have only plants that attract wildlife or feed wildlife in some way. Around the pond we plan a small wild flower meadow. (Meadow is an over statement, more a small strip of wild flower and grass area). The first job before starting on the pond has been to lay paving slabs down to be able to walk up to the shed in the rain and not get muddy feet. The first compost bin is in place now as well. We went for a wooden one as the plastic ones are not the most pleasing to look at. Although they will be hidden from the house by some trellis that we plan to grow the apple trees one.

As you can see the area of the pond is going to some clearing first. I started reading Mike Dilger The One Show Naturalist book My Garden and other animal while on holiday which was making me want to get back to my garden and work on it. So time to get out in the garden and continue with the next stage so I can bore you with were we are up to.

Red Squirrels in the Yorkshire Dales

March 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I recently spent some time over in the Yorkshire Dales and while there I made use of WildDales Photography Red squirrel  reflection pool hide. Having recently seen that Prince Harry visited Northumbria and did not see any red squirrels I think he should head to the Yorkshire Dales as there was no end of red squirrel. The squirrels were not scared either by noise or when Simon or Sarah came to put more nuts out for them. Some of the time time the problem was the squirrels where just to close. Not all the visitors to the reflection pool were squirrels, these pheasants made use of a easy meal. And this one. After the pheasants had move on the squirrels did move to the end of the pool and posed for some photos. What was a challenge was trying to photograph the squirrels jumping But I did manage one shot. Having seen where they jumped I had manually focused on the area. As you can from the next shot that meant that a slight change in the camera angle and only part of the jump was in focus.

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More Osprey

August 27, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Just added more photos from my recent Osprey Photography to the site. So check them out in the Gallery. Here is just a few of them

Osprey Photography

July 29, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I have just had an amazing time up in Aviemore with Andy Rouse photographing Osprey. Three mornings of getting up at 3:30am just to have the coffee before heading to the hides to await the Ospreys to arrive. We also had two evenings in the hides. We had some great spotters who were caught in the pouring rain to inform us when an Osprey was circling and then diving. Great guidance was given by Andy. If your interested in knowing more check out Andy Rouses blog by clicking here. OspreyOsprey fishing Osprey Fishing Master fisherOsprey fishing in Aviemore More photos in the gallery here

Professional Fisher

June 18, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Headed to Tophill Low the other day and was lucky enough to see this kingfisher from one of their hides. Please note that I was at a nature reserve and open to the public. Unfortunately I am still only using a Nikon D3 with 70-200mm lens and 2x converter.

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