Building a business while in isolation

March 29, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I am hoping that you and your family are well as you read this. I hope also that you are following the advice by the government where ever you live. Lets get through this period. 

This I hope will be a series of blogs looking at what us photographers can do to build our businesses while we are having to self isolate. Even if you have been in the photography business for years this is a time to relook at your business. For new photographers it is a time to start building a business from scratch and getting the the foundations of the business solid to go forward. 

None of the companies I mention I am affiliated with. I am not here to review them unless that is what people want. 

Lets start with how do you manage your business. What I mean is how do you know when your next booking is, has Joe Smith been invoiced, has the rent been paid. Some photographers I am sure have boxes of invoices and receipts in their office, calendar on their wall with stickers to denote weddings, portrait shoot, Product shoot. Those who have training session will be the same. As a new starter in the photography business it is a good time to look at the many pieces of photography management software out there. Doing a quick google search I came up with a few below

Lightblue Software 



Studio Ninja

Do a search for studio management software to find many more out there. Hang on your saying, or something similar, I do not have a studio. I am a stock Photographer or I am a Landscape Photographer and trainer. These pieces of software are still good for managing your photography business. Ideally the software should make running your business faster and so give you more time doing the photography. 

I would want in a management software: 

A data base with the  capabilities to sort and easily find clients details, remembering data protection. 

A calendar. One that links a particular job to a client.

A simple way of sending out emails to clients. Being able to email clients a newsletter, but only to those who have said yes to getting it. 

Be able to send invoices from the software, then being able link with client and when paid automatically send receipt. 

It to make my coffee.. Ok that might not be available. Well yet. 

Remind me of important dates, job lists, 

Excellent support from the makers of the software. 

These are just a few of the things I look for in a piece of software. One important other thing is being able to speak with the maker/ writer of the software if there is something that is not in the software that you would like to see. It may not be possible or they may direct you to something else. 

Try before you buy. Although you are not going to fully see a true benefit while trialing the software. They all will require time to set them up, and this is why a lot of people decide to not use them. You will not be able to just open it up and start using it. You will have to input your prices, upload your logo and have it the correct size for the header, the news letter and so on.  If you have been in business for a while, it may mean inputting all your clients details in again. 

Not sure if this will be helpful to people. Excuse any errors in this but being a like most photographers I am dyslexic. (Even though I can spell the word dyslexic). Please comment with your thoughts. What software do you use and why, and what you find bad about it. 



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