Training while in Lock Down

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Training during Lock Down

Hope everyone is safe and well. How are you finding lock down, are you coping with not being able to get out.

I am wishing I had more time in the day to get through all the learning opportunities that are out there. Some of the need for more time is trying to entertain your 3 year old to give my wife chance to work on her craft business. I have been trying to get up early, get a coffee and get on the computer to watch the next training video.

There is so much out there for everyone. There are photographers like Sue Bryce who have given free accesses to their full training catalogue for a week (Considering its over 400 hours worth you will need a time machine). Others are offering reduced price courses for you to purchase. I could make a list of people but as most are limited time offers the list would soon be out of date. One place to look with a pinch of salt is YouTube. There is training opportunities there if you know how pick the right ones. Facebook has also been a great place for finding photographers doing webinars. If you are a member of The Societies then they have been doing regular Facebook webinars. Another great person is Jerry Ghionis who has been doing Facebook webinars. A lot of these have been business related.

 I have hoping to record some online Lightroom and Photoshop training courses. These will be short lessons looking at a particular bit of photoshop or lightroom. If I did a whole days training course I am sure most would be bored having to listen to me for so long. The full one to one training days I leave to when Lock down is over. Then its not just me doing all the talking for the day. If your interested in short online courses what would you like to learn? Leave a comment below. 

Talking about training when the lock down is over, have you been looking at what training you want to do? How do you chose your trainer? Do you go for a one to one training session or book on a group training course?

If you chose a group training session then often the price is often cheaper than a one to one session. The down side a group training course is that if you are not the pushy one in the group then you can struggle, if there is a pushy person asking all the questions and getting the trainers attention the most. 

One to One training means you get the full attention of the trainer who should work around your training needs. You are going to have to pay more for a one to one training course but if you work it out against the group course it may be cheaper. How I hear?

Well if the group is 20 people then you only get a 5th of the trainers time if you all get the same. So a course costing £120 with 20 people on it means your paying £120 for 5 percent of the trainer. So to get 100 % of the trainers time at the same cost would be £2400. A one to one session may be £1200 pounds but your getting that 100% attention from the trainer.

When I run a one to one training course, I will ask them what they want to get out of the session. I will plan the training with this in mind, but I am ready to change it if the client wants to.

When you decide to do some training how do you chose who to train with. Well first thing is to look at their website. If your looking for wedding photography training does the person actually photograph weddings? Is it a posing course labeled as a wedding photography course? If they don't do not photograph weddings how can they do wedding photography training? Are they a portrait photographer, but only a one trick pony (Must find out were this phrase comes from). There are trainers out there who run courses, but you look at their websites and every image is in a way the same. There is also the amazing photographer who are not trainers, they are great photographers but can not teach. Look at reviews from people who have been on their training courses. Look at YouTube as you will often find some video of the person your looking at training with on there. 

You will find that you go on a training course and get to the end of it wishing you had not bothered, as you did not learn anything. Then there are other times were you come away with your mind blown from what you have learnt. 

I have done the good, the bad and the ugly of training. I have spent a lot of money on some courses and got home wishing I could get my money back. Others I have been on and have gone back for more. 

If I can afford it I would always do one to one training. I have also got to the point I will say if it is not what I expected as sometimes the trainer is not aware of a problem, and they can fix it. 


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