Photoshop training course and Lightroom training course.

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The common phrase said when you ask someone about their knowledge of Lightroom and Photoshop. Lightroom and Photoshop are really the modern day dark room. Negatives were dodged and burned in certain areas to get a certain look. Thing were painted out to remove them from the final image.


It is good if we can get our images to near perfect in camera. Having the ability to clean up a image from a wedding or fix the face of a snotty child after a portrait session is a valuable tool. Things that we can not get right in camera and have to fix later, can give your client an even better experience and hopefully increase that sale. 


Have you looked at Photoshop training course and thought that is not something I need to learn or I don't need to do any Lightroom Training Course as I just use Photoshop.


Have you looked at old portrait or wedding or any photography session and thought if I could sort this image out it would have been another sale.


Have you been on a photography training course and when they were showing the group how they edit the images, wanted to ask a question but felt foolish asking as everyone else will know the answer. Questions are never daft or stupid, questioning can help the trainer to identify the needs of those they are training. I have often sat through training courses and wished I had asked a certain question when I got home. The answer to that one question could have been the value of the whole course. 


I am one who highly recommend one to one training. It may be more expensive but being able to ask the questions you would not ask in front of others mean you learn more. The trainer should personalise the training to the individual. 


If you want a personal training course on Photoshop and Lightroom please contact me




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