Where are my RAW files

August 22, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Hope everyone is well and still coping through these times. (People reading this in the future we are going through a pandemic and having to lockdown and self isolate).


I recently saw a post from a photographer say they don't use Lightroom because they don't trust a piece of software controlling how your images are stored. Lightroom had recently done a update to there cloud base app and peoples photos and presets had been lost for ever. 


The photographer went on to say newbies to Lightroom don't know where their actual Raw files are. 


I have already in a previous blog talked about storage. When you start out as I did people will often just pop the memory card into their computer and transfer the files to the Photo folder on their computer. One folder with a mass of subfolders with the camera named folder and an extra letter added as you can't have the same named folder. No organisation to where your photos are. 


Also that one folder is the only copy of those files. Never trust one place for your files. Hard drives fail, can get stolen, or other things (never trust a toddler with a drink near your computer). 


With regards Lightroom managing your files. It is not the software managing your files it is people not understanding the import function on Lightroom. You are in control of where the files go even if you use the MOVE in Lightroom. 


If your new to Lightroom then check out my Youtube video. Click Here


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